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Full Version: Maladolescenza
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Hi everybody.
Just today I was lookimg for some dvds at and come across this dvd form X-rated Kult (unfortunatelly out of print). So what you think about the film? Is it just pornography or a good movie? Is it hardcore?
And one more question who knows where can I buy this film from?
Depending on what country you live in, this will disappear! Customs doesn't like this title and will snatch it for sure. I know Tony was sending out a few here (Canada) and they were being held at the border.
the movie is an unusual one. if you classify seeing naked flesh as ponography - then the film is pornography, otherwise i would actually say it is more of an art film with a decidedly downbeat mood about the film. the reason the film causes problems is because it does have a sexual theme to it and there is a lot of nudity by two teenage girls (one being lara wendell from TENEBRE and IDENTIFAZIONE DI UNA DONNA) and one teenage guy. however it is no more erotic really than a book of photographs by David Hamilton.

and no, it's not hardcore, far from it... it will turn on those wishing to see teenagers in the nude, but most viewers are unlikely to find the movie erotic or sexually exciting. i know i didn't. but it is an interesting movie - but i can understand people finding it "disturbing" and lots of countries customs have a problem with the movie.

the film is bleak but quite interesting. it is certainly a product of its times and has a very 1970's feel about it.
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