On behalf of everyone here at Cinema Nocturna, I would like to thank Gordon for gracing us with his presence and great stories!

SteveG.(BBI) : Ah, there's Gordon now...

SteveG.(BBI) : Hello Gordon!

frankie : hello Gordon!

Lurker : hiya G

Gordon : Hi, all!

Lurker : (couldn't resist)

Gordon : Thought this place would be empty on account of the Academy Awards

SteveG.(BBI) : Gordon, are you able to change the color of your font?

Lurker : the academy screw ups?

frankie : naw, that's boring

Gordon : Yes

SteveG.(BBI) : great that's better,thx!

frankie : even more boring than usual

Lurker : I'm still pissed over Citizen Kane losing

Gordon : lol

SteveG.(BBI) : I would much rather chat with the like's of Gordon Mitchell then watch the academys

frankie : i hope Scorsese wins this year

SteveG.(BBI) : Hello Devin

Devin Kelly : Hello folks and welcome Gordon!

Gordon : Me too

frankie : hi Dev

Gordon : Hi, Devin

Devin Kelly : It's really an honor to have you hear and thank you from all of us.

frankie : Gangs of New York was great-probably not his best film, but up there

Devin Kelly : here

Gordon : The sets were terrific

frankie : and hear, that's nice too

Lurker : Not the writer?

SteveG.(BBI) : Yes, it is Devin and thank you again Gordon with gracing us with your presence yet again.

Devin Kelly : we'll just wait a few minutes to see if anyone else comes by and then we'll get started

Devin Kelly : we still have a few minutes

SteveG.(BBI) : yes, give it a few minutes

Devin Kelly : blah, the Oscars are on

frankie : anyone else disapointed with the "lost" Spongebob Squarepants episode?

frankie : :)

SteveG.(BBI) : So, just for kickers....who do you think is going to win best picture?

Devin Kelly : I just saw Ernest Borgnine at the Oscars! I thought he was dead!

frankie : Gangs i hope...

frankie : he's on Spongebob too :)

Devin Kelly : I don't particluarily care as I haven't seen any of the films nominated

Gordon : Chicago or New YOrk

Devin Kelly : :)

frankie : didn't see Chicago, it looks awful, but it is a musical and they always win

Devin Kelly : been too busy with Italian cult films

SteveG.(BBI) : Hello Paul

frankie : hey Paulie!

Devin Kelly : Hi Paul, welcome

Gordon : Hi Paul

Paul Cooke : Good evening all .... Hello Gordon ... Great to have you heere with us all : )

Gordon : Thank you

Lurker : had no idea you guys were having Mr. Mitchell tonight! Great surprise, love Django and up!

Paul Cooke : Hey Frankie , Guys : )

SteveG.(BBI) : Gordon, I would first like to thank you in person (of sorts) for allowing us (CN) to do such a personal article on you and your great artwork!

Paul Cooke : Gordon , it is a real pleasure for us all

Gordon : My pleasure!

Devin Kelly : well shall we get started and the rest can join as we go?

SteveG.(BBI) : Devin has done a great job with it!

frankie : Gordon, you're FENOMENAL

SteveG.(BBI) : lol

Gordon : lol

frankie : sorry, bad joke

Devin Kelly : thanks Steve, I enjoyed writing it

SteveG.(BBI) : hey that could lead to a question there Frankie

Devin Kelly : any Gordon, may I throw out the first question?

Gordon : Of course!

Devin Kelly : OK...

Paul Cooke : Frankie ... you still need to work on the humour : )

frankie : :(

Devin Kelly : Tell us about working with director Michele Lupo on SEVEN TIMES SEVEN

Gordon : I had problems with Lupo.

Devin Kelly : do tell!

Gordon : It began on set of Spartucus and the 7 Slaves in 1964.

Gordon : We were shooting two films at once.

Gordon : The 7 Slaves and Revenge of Spartacus.

Devin Kelly : yes

Gordon : In the morning we'd shoot one film; in the afternoon the other.

Gordon : In the morning, I was a good guy; at night a bad guy.

Devin Kelly : tough schedule

Gordon : Lupo said, now we are going to do the afternoon film.

SteveG.(BBI) : that must've been confusing

Gordon : We are going to do the action scene with Roger Browne.

Gordon : And we're going to start it up on the top of the hil.

Devin Kelly : yes

Gordon : I told Lupo, but we have everything set up here on the beach for the other film.

Gordon : So we should shoot the fight on the beach without wasting time.

Gordon : Everything was set up!

Devin Kelly : I can see where the conflict started...I assume an argument took place

Gordon : I told production I'm not going to stay until the middle of the night

Devin Kelly : don't blame you

Gordon : Lupo got angry, and luck was with me, a fog came in and we quite and went home.

Devin Kelly : lol...Lupo stuck out!

Devin Kelly : struck

Gordon : Years later, when we did 7 x 7 he had it in for me.

Gordon : BEcause we had that disagreement.

Devin Kelly : that'

Devin Kelly : that's a shame he had to do business that way

Gordon : Lupo shot over 100,000 meters of film on 7 x 7!!!!

Gordon : That's like 10 films

Devin Kelly : WOW!

Gordon : Most films are 2,500 meters!

Devin Kelly : guys?

Gordon : We couldn't figure out why he shot so much film.

Devin Kelly : what a waste of film

SteveG.(BBI) : ok, I have one for Gordon

frankie : okay, i have a question

Paul Cooke : That's a lot of wasted Peplum

Gordon : The producer was nearly hysterical.

frankie : you first

Lurker : Was beinghas question too lol

Devin Kelly : lol, I can imagine

Gordon : He'd shoot 7 closepups of every scene!

Devin Kelly : lol

Devin Kelly : OK Steve has a question

Gordon : Is the film available on video?

SteveG.(BBI) : To what extend what was your involvement with Spartcus and what was it like working under Kubrick?

Gordon : I slept through it.

Devin Kelly : I'm not sure, I think Jay Slater has gotten it recently.

Gordon : I was an extra.

Devin Kelly : ah

Gordon : It was during the summer. My scenes were at night.

Paul Cooke : Gordon was Spartacus your first introduction to fellow Art collector Tony Curtis ?

Gordon : My friend Zabo, Joe Gold and the rest of the Muscle Beach crowed took advantage of an empty tent and slept.

Devin Kelly : hi Kristy!

Gordon : I did a television show with Tony way before Spartacus

Gordon : It was a skit called David and Goliath.

Paul Cooke : Tony seems a genuinely nice guy , is he a friend ?

Lurker : Gordon, I was curious how being a real life American hero effected your career.

Gordon : Tony used to work out with us at the gym.

frankie : if i may shoot out a question...

Gordon : Real life hero?

Lurker : to us, yes

Devin Kelly : Frankie's next after Lurker

frankie : how was it working with Ruggero deodato. i hear he has a habit of rubbing people's earlobes while talking to them

SteveG.(BBI) : lol

Devin Kelly : haven't heard that one

Gordon : I don't remember Ruggero! Nobody ever rubnbed my ears!

Devin Kelly : lol

Paul Cooke : Frankie ... now that is a Phenominal question ; ) LOL

frankie : on the Cut and Run dvd, Richard Lynch mentioned it

frankie : maybe Ruggero just REALLY liked Richard :)

Devin Kelly : lol

Gordon : What's the Italian title?

frankie : inferno in diretto

Lurker : (Gordon is too modest to admit his service during Korea)

SteveG.(BBI) : How was it like working with him during the Phenominal shoot?

frankie : oh, nevermind

frankie : fenomenal e il tresoro di tutakamen

Gordon : A lot of caast memebers I didn't work with directly.

Devin Kelly : welcome Nathan

Paul Cooke : Hi Nathan : )

frankie : allo

SteveG.(BBI) : hello Nathan

Gordon : I don't remember him. Did I shoot a scene with him?

Gordon : Remember, I've made over 200 movies!

frankie : he was the director

frankie : at least he was supposed to be :)

Gordon : lol

Devin Kelly : I have another question Gordon...

Devin Kelly : Do you remember working with late actor Ettore Manni?

SteveG.(BBI) : you were Professor Micklewitz

Gordon : Okay ... he used the name Roger Rockefeller.

frankie : yup

Gordon : I didn't know him by his Italian name.

SteveG.(BBI) : yes indeed

frankie : the best angelisized pseudonym ever

Nathan Tyler : lol

frankie : so he actually went by that name?

Gordon : Yes. I didn't know him as Ruggero.

SteveG.(BBI) : Interesting....

frankie : that's very interesting. did other directors go by thier screen names?

Gordon : Most o0f my scenes were done with Nicol and his girlfriend.

Devin Kelly : Gordon did you remember working with the late actor Ettore Manni?

Gordon : Most of the directors used American names like Roger Rockefeller.

frankie : wow, i didn't know that

frankie : i thought they just signed the films with the fake names

Gordon : I think Ettore was in some westerns with me. Give me a hint.

Gordon : No they actually used them.

Devin Kelly : Yes he was...he later died accidentally on the set of Fellini's CITY OF WOMEN. He accidentally shot himself.

Gordon : Fadani had a lot of Amnerican names.

Devin Kelly : Manni was in Fidani's STRANGER THAT KNEELS BESIDE THE SHADOW OF A CORPSE with you. Do you recall that film.

Gordon : I don't remember him.

Nathan Tyler : Gordon, what was it like working with Fellini on SATYRICON?

Gordon : Some of that film was shot in my studio at Cave.

frankie : do you remember Ivan Kathansky/Sergio Garrone?

Gordon : Some on location.

Lurker : Curious if Mr. Mitchell credits his longevity to body building, sorry if that's off topic. :) But many of us remember Mr. Mitchell more for his six pack than his lines!

Devin Kelly : yes you mentioned you worked a lot with Fidani up there.

Gordon : I loved working with Fellini!

Gordon : Yes, bodybuilding has helped me stay healthy.

Lurker : understand you own a gym, or gyms?

Paul Cooke : Gordon on the set of Spartacus was that also your first introduction to Woody Strode ?

Gordon : I first met Woody on the set of 10 Commandments.

Gordon : I liked him a lot. Great body

Lurker : gordon was a slave there, lol!

Lurker : but a great credit!

Paul Cooke : Woody is one of the great Italian support actors ... did you get to work with him a lot ?

Devin Kelly : What was it like brushing shoulders with the gorgeous Laura gemser on the set of EMANUELLE, QUEEN OF SADOS?

Gordon : He played football at UCLA with Jackie Robinson and Kenny Washington.

Gordon : DeMille liked me a lot.

Lurker : you met and talked with demille? Cool!

Gordon : I was never in those scenes, regrettably.

Devin Kelly : with Laura you mean?

Paul Cooke : Gordon you are far too young to have worked on De Milles original Ten Commandments ; )

Lurker : i mean, cooll, aside from being in like 200 films!

Gordon : The one made in 1955

Devin Kelly : ah

Gordon : I bring Heston into the chamber.

Devin Kelly : Sergio Bergonzelli's BLACK GOLD DOSSIER with Richard Harrison...tell us about it.

Lurker : oh yes!

SteveG.(BBI) : welcome Mysteriox

Lurker : noticed you had started working out by then, lol

Paul Cooke : The original Ten Commandments set is apparently still buried out in Las Vegas !?

Gordon : Black Gold Dossier?

Mysteriox : Hello and thanks Gordon

Nathan Tyler : I'm gonna have to depart, guys. Gordon, it was very cool reading what you have say about your great career! Take care everyone!

frankie : speaking of sets...do you remember any of the towns where the Spaghetti westerns were filmed?

Gordon : Thanks, Nathan.

Gordon : My town, Cave film studio!

Lurker : (gordan still looks great inNew World, btw)

Gordon : About 30 miles out of Rome.

Devin Kelly : yes...SQUADRA D'AZIONE...ORO NERO (1979)

Devin Kelly : with Richard Harrison

Gordon : Mike Martinez stopped by yesterday. He's terrific!

frankie : i think Luigi Batzella directed that on e Dev

Devin Kelly : yes you're right Frankie

Devin Kelly : Batzella

Gordon : I'm checking my records.

Devin Kelly : lol...I know, too many films

Gordon : So many of them were pieced together from other films.


SteveG.(BBI) : I noticed that Jess Franco was in it its well...

Devin Kelly : is another title

Gordon : I did a film with Richard in 1979

Devin Kelly : I think that's the one

frankie : Gordon, do you enjoy watching these types of films-even the ones you didn't appear in?

Devin Kelly : 1978

Gordon : It was calledLa Guerre du Petrole

Devin Kelly : yes

Gordon : It was directed by Paolo Solvay

Devin Kelly : aka. Luigi Batzella

Gordon : I didn't know him by Batzella

Gordon : HIs name is Paolo Solvay

Devin Kelly : oh my mistake, I thought it was Batzella

Gordon : I remember runningaaround oil wells with Richard shooting at eachother

frankie : Solvay also directed a film where Nzai doctors create a monkey man who eats ladies pubic hair. you seen that one Gordon? :)

Devin Kelly : lol, that's iyt

Devin Kelly : it

Gordon : I never knew what was happening most of the time.

Lurker : It must be a thrill to have been involved with a half dozen of perhaps the greatest films ever made, not including the Italian stuff and your recent American stuff.

frankie : nazi

Gordon : Send it to me at once!

Devin Kelly : I have a copy of a copy...I'll try and make a copy out of it...lol

Devin Kelly : it's fairly rare

Paul Cooke : Gordon how did you get on with the great Mario Girotti ( Terence Hill ) who you made Rita Of The West with in 1967 for Director Ferdinando Baldi

Gordon : It was so much fun working in Italy in the 60-70s.

Lurker : and you were so prolific!

Gordon : I didn't get too involved with Terrence.

Gordon : He was a very nice guy, I remember.

Gordon : I never grew up wanting to be an actor.

Paul Cooke : Ferdinando Baldi made a lot of Action movies as well as at least two 3D Movies - how was he to work with ?

Gordon : I never felt really comfortable around them.

Lurker : What DID you want to be?

Gordon : What film with Baldi?

Gordon : I got a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counselling

Lurker : huh!

Paul Cooke : Baldi was Rita Of The West 1967 with Terence Hill

Gordon : I started my film career at 38.

Lurker : perhaps that helped you understand your roles better?

Devin Kelly : How about playing Dr. Otto Frankenstein in Mario Mancini's FRANKENSTEIN 80'?

Gordon : I loved playing dr. Frankenstein

SteveG.(BBI) : I was just going to ask the same thing Devin....

Devin Kelly : lol, sorry Steve...

SteveG.(BBI) : np...

Devin Kelly : consider the question yours:)

Gordon : I remember, Baldi was the director.

Lurker : at 38, you were still cast as a stud type, cool

Gordon : He was very easy to work with.

Gordon : I packed my bags for Italy at 38 and stayied in Rome for 40 yuears.

Gordon : I still have a residence there.

Lurker : and made more movies than I can count1

Devin Kelly : What are your memories of William Berger? You did several films with him, I can only assume you were friends?

Gordon : Terrence Hill: Didn't speak English well; I couldn't speak italian well.

Gordon : Bill BErger was a great friend.

Gordon : I worked with him in many films.

Devin Kelly : Was he as wild in his early years as some have said?

Gordon : Bill was actually Austrian

Paul Cooke : Thanks Gordon , Baldi has done a lot of Fun stuff also Directed three with Mark Gregory - Iconic star of Fuga Dal Bronx

Gordon : He died recently here in LA.

Gordon : He was very wild. Smoked a lot of pot.

Devin Kelly : I interviewed his daughter Debra Berger for Cinema Nocturna a while back

Gordon : HIs wife was very nice.

Gordon : I never met her.

Lurker : !

frankie : a little bit of herb never hurt no one :)

SteveG.(BBI) : How about your role as Igor in Dr. Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (1974) directed by Ramiro Oliveros (Wiiliam Rose).

Devin Kelly : Hanja Kochansky was his wife I believe

Gordon : I did that role as a favor.

Gordon : Dick Randall produced it.

Lurker : It was a good one!

Gordon : Yes, Hanja

Gordon : I only worked on the film a few days.

Devin Kelly : Debra is very nice...and his daughter Katya is fairly famous.

Gordon : I did my scenes, and split. I was working on another film

Paul Cooke : Gordon I just purchased a film you made with William Berger and Barbara Bouchet from Director Sergio Bergonzelli from 1982 called Diamond Connection

frankie : hey paul, did you get that off ebay?

Gordon : I remember it! (Thank god!)

Paul Cooke : William Berger was a very good character actor and played many fine roles

Devin Kelly : that's the Bergonzelli flick I was thinking of earlier!

Devin Kelly : it's hard to find

Gordon : It was made in Turkey and Switzerland.

Gordon : They ran out of money in Turkey so we finished in Switizerland

Paul Cooke : Sure did Frankie ... hope I did not outbid you !!! Geez

frankie : sounds like fun :)

frankie : the Japanese tape?

Lurker : I wonder what Mr. Mitchell thinks of Sythe productions, and his recent work with them?

frankie : you rat fink

Paul Cooke : Frankie ... Yes the Japanese Tape

frankie : ;)

Gordon : Hang on Lurker...

Lurker : "Enraged new world"?

Lurker : thk, mr mitchell, will wait as log as you want

Lurker : long, heh

Gordon : Mike Martinez is brilliant!

Paul Cooke : Gordon , one of your Great Western Cameos was inMy Name Is Shanghai Joe with Klaus Kinski and Chen Lee - do you recall the fight with Chen Lee ?

Gordon : Sure to be a superstar

Devin Kelly : What did you think Gordon of Aristide Massaccesi? You worked with him several times on films like GO AWAY! TRINITY HAS ARRIVED IN ELDORADO and ENDGAME.

Lurker : heard Mike was good, but had poor material thus far

Gordon : Of course. I got a beating

frankie : his film Frozen Inferno is surprisingly good

Gordon : Mike showed me his new werewolf move. Excellent!

Paul Cooke : Chen Lee only made four films - did you get to know him ?

Devin Kelly : I reveiwed AN ENRAGED NEW WORLD for Cinema Nocturna..I liked it General Murchison.

Lurker : I understand you steal the show in "Enraged World".

Gordon : I didn't get to know him. I was so busy making films.

Gordon : I never knew what was happening.

frankie : yuck, Jack Valenti is on tv

Gordon : I would come on the set, do the scene and leave for the next movie

Gordon : Plus, I was building my Western town in CAve.

Devin Kelly : How about Aristide Massaccesi Gordon, what did you think of him? You did ENDGAME with him the last time...

Lurker : Question: how do we support Gordon Mitchell? Is there a web site, someplace to order autographs from? Cuz I want some!

Gordon : <font Color="#0033ff"><u><a href="http://www.gordonmitchell.net"target="_blank">http://www.gordonmitchell.net</a></u></font>

Lurker : (plus he's so studly!)

Paul Cooke : Gordon , any memories to share of the wonderful bad guy talents of Klaus Kinski perhaps ?

frankie : oh my

Gordon : Or email gordonmitchell2@aol.com

Devin Kelly : Gordon is one of the friendliest guys you could talk to:)

Lurker : gordon didn't even push his site till I asked him, what a great guy!

Gordon : I got along with Klaus...one of the only people who did!

Gordon : He was always well prepared in his work.

Devin Kelly : He was a controversial guy for sure

Gordon : What he did in his private life, was his own business.

frankie : much love to Klaus

Gordon : He was great!

Paul Cooke : Going back to Ruggero Deodato I would have loved to have seen Gordon Mitcell alongside Richard Lynch in Barbarians - knocking sense into the two Paul brothers : )

frankie : i don't think any sense could be knocked into them :)

Devin Kelly : In between a string of spaghetti westerns Gordon, you did the French/Italian crime film COBRA for Yves Boisset in 1971. What were your memories of working with Boisset on that film?

Gordon : He was excellent to work withl

SteveG.(BBI) : Well guys, I must be off. I want to thank Gordon for stopping by tonight and sharing some really great stories with us.

Devin Kelly : and Senta Berger worked on that film too...what did you think of her?

Gordon : I will never forget that film because of the live cobra

Lurker : I get a laugh out of compaisons to Reeves and such, man, Gordon, you blow those guys away!

Gordon : It was dropped on me!

frankie : see ya later Stevo

Devin Kelly : take care Steve! Thanks for making this happen too!

Paul Cooke : Bye Steve

Gordon : They told me the cobra would not strike if he was flat.

SteveG.(BBI) : I will post the full transcipt of the tommorrow.

Gordon : But there were still 2 nurses, 2 doctors and ambulance standing by!

Devin Kelly : and the Cobra struck for real?

SteveG.(BBI) : adios

Gordon : The man who owned the cobra was bitten by it a week later and died.

frankie : goodness!

Devin Kelly : WOW...good thing it wasn't you!

Gordon : Bye steve

Devin Kelly : Senta Berger worked on that film too

Gordon : I was teerrified of it.

Devin Kelly : I would be too

Gordon : I didn't get too invovled with any actresses!

Gordon : You never knew who was keeping them.

Lurker : sure...

Devin Kelly : lol

Paul Cooke : Gordon , who might be your favourite Actress to have worked with please ?

Gordon : Elizabeth Taylor.

Devin Kelly : top choice


Lurker : she probably made less films than you..

Paul Cooke : How many times did you get to act next to her ?

Gordon : Most of my scenes were with her or Brando.

Paul Cooke : Great names for a prolific and impressive CV Good Sir : )

Devin Kelly : What did you think of Tonino Ricci's RUSH. Ricci is far too often bashed by critics.

Gordon : I had about 6 scenes with her alone.

Lurker : yeah, I acted with that Taylot girl, and some Brando fella... jeez, man!

Gordon : Conrad Nichols

Paul Cooke : I watched Rush just the other evening - great fun - Gordon you looked very oppressive as the bad guy

Devin Kelly : yes...I forget his Italian name

Gordon : I got along with Ricci.

Gordon : They wanted me on the set to choreograph the fight scenes.

Paul Cooke : Luigi Mezzanotte is Conrad Nicholls : )

Devin Kelly : yes, that's right Paul

frankie : are there any Italian directors you never got a chance to work with, but would have liked too?

Devin Kelly : I like some of Ricci's films, he gets a lot of bad press among fans for some reason

Paul Cooke : Such as Bruno Mattei : )

frankie : Night Of The Sharks? yeeck

Devin Kelly : lol

frankie : or Enzo G Castellari

Paul Cooke : Gordon you acted alongside Enzo G. Castellari did you not ?

Lurker : [waits for the Gordon Mitchell finess tape]

frankie : oh yeah, Cobra Mission right?

Paul Cooke : In Fabrizio De Angelis' Cobra Mission in 1985

Gordon : I liked working with all of the Italian directors.

Paul Cooke : Gordon your Italian must be Perfect :)

Gordon : I didn't socialize much with actors.

Devin Kelly : Gordon, was Karin Schubert performing real sex scenes in Jean-Marie Pallardy's A VERY SPECIAL WOMAN (1979)?

Gordon : I would arrive on a set, do my scene and go on to something else.

frankie : ...and did you take pictures? :)

Gordon : Yes, Karin did.

Gordon : No, I did not take pictures.

Devin Kelly : I have heard things about her...quite the nympho!

frankie : too bad :(

Devin Kelly : She ran a brothel in Italy once upon a time.

Paul Cooke : Frankie maybe that's where Mark Gregory now works !?

Gordon : I taught Karin how to fight on camera.

Gordon : I stayed away from actresses!

Paul Cooke : Gordon your professional powers of self restraint are very impressive - my compliments to you :)

Devin Kelly : did she end up being a good fighter?

Devin Kelly : She is a well recognized actress of many Italian exploitation and horror films

Gordon : Yes, she fought very well. I've got to get a move on.

Gordon : I hope to join you again sometime.

Devin Kelly : OK well Gordon, we all have apprecited this so much.

Gordon : I will recommend you to Richard Harrison.

Paul Cooke : Mr. Lurker ... would you like to reveal who you are : )

frankie : thanks for dropping by Gordo!

Lurker : uh huh... :)

Devin Kelly : thank you, that would be wonderful...and on behalf of everyone thanks a million! It was one hell of a fun time!

Gordon : Bye, all!

frankie : ciao!

Lurker : :)

Devin Kelly : Bye Gordon!

Paul Cooke : Mr. Mitchell thank you so much :)