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Cinema Nocturna
Since 2002, Cinema Nocturna has been covering various aspects of cinema that never really get that much needed light. Everything from the Italian giallo, to Japanese Yakuza cinema and of course the ever so important independent film world. We dive into interviewing those important people involved with bringing this films to our players, to our cinema's and most of all to our experiences. Now 2012, Cinema Nocturna will be celebrating it's 10th anniversary this coming September! But first, we return with new material very soon!!!
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SHOCK STOCK 2012-SUSPIRIA 35th Anniversary Reunion and more!!!

Folks, you don't want to miss out on some Euro-Horror goodness coming to the London, Ontario Canada are this April 13-14th, 2012! All goes down at the Centennial Hall. Some great guests will be there such as Barbara Magnolfi (SUSPIRIA), Claudio Simonetti (GOBLIN), Fred Williamson (Black CAESAR) and more!! For ticket info and full guest list just click on the Shock Stock Poster below.

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Back from the Dead!

Folks, in celebration of our 10th anniversary this coming September, we will begin to bring you new material in the coming weeks. So stay tuned for some good old Ballistic Bullets hitthing the Underbelly's airwaves!!!

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New material with more on it's way!

Some new reviews here for you. More material on it's way! Stay tuned!

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The Reviews Keep Rolling Out!

Here's the last batch of reviews for you all to enjoy! Some great choices to discover if you haven't already dove into viewing any of these! So, enjoy until our next monthly update in early March!!!

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Two New Exclusives To Cinema Nocturna

It's with great honor to share with you two brand new exclusives to The Underbelly of Film! Our first is a very indepth and very informative Q&A with actor/model Daniel Stephen entitled SUNBURNS, SPANDEX AND A SCHOOL BUS BUILT FOR WAR:


Our second exclusive is the latest installment of Cinema Nocturna's popular series written by Devin Kelly, THE EURO-EYE #4 - THE REVENGE OF THE EURO-EYE!


That's not all, we continue to celebrate our return after a year off with more to come!! Stay Tuned!!!!!!

by SteveG., Friday, 05 February 2010 12:03 Comments(0), Read all
We're In Business!

After a year long hiatus, we're back with our monthly updates! Enjoy the first part of our update! In celebration we will be bringing more Friday morning as well! Then you can expect Devin's latest installment of EURO EYE 4-THE REVENGE OF THE EURO EYE'S  look into the career of Marc Lawrence and Jean Seberg. Also, Devin's long awaited exclusive interview with actor Daniel Stephen! Plus more reviews as well! Until then, enjoy the first round of in your face reviews setting the pace for our long overdue return!! Also, visit our forums to discuss the latest reviews as well as other interesting flicks that you might have caught of late!


by SteveG., Wednesday, 03 February 2010 15:13 Comments(0), Read all
The Underbelly Returns!!

After almost a full year hiatus due to several reasons, Cinema Nocturna will finally return Monday Feb 1st with new monthly updates! Myself, Devin Kelly, Kit Nygaard-Gavin, Paul Cooke and Johan Melle will be covering all those wonderful films that continue to fly under the Hollywood radar. From the Italian Giallo, to Japanese Yakuza cinema and the indie film world. Interviews with people involved with making these films, to Devin Kelly's in focus spot EURO-EYE, we will be bringing a much improved offering for all of you out there who have supported our little venture since it started back in 2002!

We are also looking for guest contributors or those who might be interested in being a permanent fixture to the team. For those who maybe interested, contact us.

by zombi69, Monday, 28 December 2009 06:12 Comments(0), Read all

Well folks we have finally unveiled the new holiday reads for yet another year! Let's end 2008 with a bang and bring in 2009 with a look into a very exciting year here at the Underbelly of Film!!! Not only do we have some brand new reviews, Devin has also brought you his latest Euro Eye#3 which can be found just above here. He takes a look at both Van Johnson as well as Paola Montnero. That is not all...Devin also sits back with SCARCE actor Steve Warren for a chat into his career as well as SCARCE!! So sitback, and enjoy the new reads to tide you over the holiday season! From us here at Cinema Nocturna to you! Thanks again for yet another year of support! Look for more promsing things to come in 2009!


by zombi69, Saturday, 27 December 2008 00:32 Comments(0), Read all
3 New Reviews!

Folks, a mini update for you to feast before our annual double sized update coming to the Underbelly in the next couple of weeks! To tide everyone through the festive season! We hope to have a few surprises for you, including a very special exclusive here for you all to enjoy! In the meantime, feast on 3 brand new reviews!

by zombi69, Thursday, 04 December 2008 11:53 Comments(0), Read all
NEW "AUTUMN" Trailer!!

Folks, here's the new trailer for the Steven Rumbelow directed zombie film, AUTUMN! Look out for full thoughts on the film with the new update!



by zombi69, Sunday, 23 November 2008 22:01 Comments(0), Read all
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